Value Guide: Wool Dhurrie Rugs

Space matters. Our homes matter. Good design should be for everyone. Don’t sacrifice value to add goodlooking elements to your home. And (this is the best part) you don’t have to break the bank to buy well made rugs that can really last. Here’s my money saving secret: it’s an all wool dhurrie.

Desert Star Dhurrie Rug in Black

A dhurrie is a handwoven flatweave. Which might sound like a bunch of gibberish, so let me say it another way. It is a rug made by hand on a loom. A flatweave rug is literally woven flat or without a pile. A rug pile (the soft part) is created by tying knots onto the warp yarns and adding in weft yarns in between the knots for dimensional stability. Flatweave rugs are formed from from just the warp and weft yarns. The warp yarns run from side to side across the rug forming a flat face. Hence “flatweave.”

Warp and Weft

Flatweave rugs come in 2 basic types: kilims and dhurries. Kilims are typically made from a more fine yarn or (another way to say that) a thinner yarn. Dhurries are produced from more coarse wool that produces a thicker yarn. Each flatweave type has it’s own weaving method that allows for different patterns. Dhurries tend to have larger, more bold patterns, with minimal detail.  

Little Mountains Dhurrie RugLots of dhurries are produced using the exact same fiber as hand knotted rugs: wool. Wool is the best fiber for making rugs. With wool dhurries you get all of the durability of the best rug making material at a fraction of the cost of a hand knotted carpet of the same size. The reason is simple: without a pile, flatweaves contain less material (wool) and are much much quicker to produce. Less material + less time = an excellent price for a rug that lasts.

Wool Fiber

A good rug pad can extend the life time of your rug. Vacuuming regularly is another way to add length to the life of your rug. When spills happen, the trick is to flush with water immediately and blot (don't rub) up the spill with a plain white towel. Continue to flush and blot until the spill has been removed. 

If you are looking for a great looking, well performing product for your busy home that won’t break the bank: get a wool dhurrie. Don’t do synthetic machine mades: they attract dirt and dust like a magnet and ugly out (matte and pack) within a few years. Don’t do tufted rugs: they shed, trap dirt and are difficult to professionally clean. Buying cheap, poorly made products that don’t perform--overtime--becomes more expensive than investing in fewer, well made pieces. Understand value: get an all wool dhurrie.  

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Grey Diamonds Dhurrie Rug