Designing Our Yet to Be Living Room

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We got some great news: we are moving to Columbus, OH. It's for my husband's work and we couldn't be more excited. Along with obsessively looking at places to move, I've started designing our yet-to-exist living room. That seems legit--right? 

I put together a warm eclectic concept with a few glam and contemporary elements. I wanted the space to feel welcoming and be a great space to relax as a family. The gold finishes give the look a little glam vibe and straight line geometry adds a contemporary feel. The color palette really pulls everything together: gold, black and pink are used throughout the space.

Living Room Concept Board
Mund Living Room Concept
 Shopping List

1. Pendant

I wanted some punches of black in the space + some interesting shapes. This lamp does it all. It's really like a functional piece of sculpture hanging from the ceiling.  
Cone Cascade Pendant - Dwell Studio

2. Large scale artwork

I picked this abstract piece for the colors (gold + pink). The black frame and black accents tie together the other bits of black in the space. 


more than this - large scale artwork


3. Chunky leather sofa

My goal with whatever we end up doing in our new living room is to build up from what we already own. We have a super similar sofa to this one. It's perfect for our family because we can beat it up and it still looks fantastic! If you are open to distressed looking leather, this sofa is great for family with small kids.  
Cigar Sofa from Article
4-5. Pillows: Striped Ivory Pillow + Black Mudcloth Pillow

I have a pair of the striped ivory pillows from Homegirl Collection and I love them. They are made of a rough material, kind of like burlap, which means they are strictly for aesthetics. I picked the black lumbar to add another pop of black in the space. 
Homegirl Collection PillowsKaekoo Pillow Shop 
6. Coffee Table

I'd like to have a new coffee table. Something on the smaller side will help with the proportions of our (likely) small space and make it feel as large as possible. This simple smokey glass top table could do the trick. 

Coffee Table

7 - 8. Rugs: Vintage + Jute

Since I want to incorporate a vintage rug into our living room, I'll most likely have to layer it over a jute rug to get the right proportions in the space. I opted for the ivory jute + pastel vintage rug to keep the look light + bright.

William Pastel

Jute Rug


9. Armchairs

I've been into these armchairs since I saw them earlier this year. I love the dusty pink fabric and the cool wood base. Plus the price is nice. 



So that's it! Since I put this look together we found a great place. We'll be renting for the first year and we can't paint the yellow walls so I'll be dreaming up a different look soon! 

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