E-design at Swoon

E-design at Swoon

E-design at Swoon

We've always offered totally free rug recommendations and locally I've had fun layering in finishing touches to a space but in light of all the recent changes, I thought it would be fun to offer e-design services to anyone looking for design help right now.

One of my local clients reached out after Governor DeWine issued a shelter in place order for the state of Ohio. She wanted help to turn her spare bedroom into the home office of her dreams. Before Swoon I freelanced with an online design company for 4 years. So virtual design work is a process I really understand. 

We chatted on the phone, she shared some photos and dimensions of her space and I sent over a concept board for her to review. It was a pretty fast process. Luckily, she really like the design direction and she moved immediately on putting the look together. 

Home Office Design Concept


After Photo - Home Office e-Design

After photo

Here's how e-design works

  • Send over photos and measurements of your space

This can be really simple and basic. To get started I need to know the length and width of the room and the location of all doors and windows (I can explain this in more detail).

Send me over some photos of the space. Multiple photos of the space, taken from different angles, are really helpful. If anything is unclear, I’ll ask for more!    

I’ll be redrawing the space in 3D modeling software so everything will be to scale. The model will give me a really clear understanding of how the space needs to flow/function.

  • Nailing down your needs

After you’ve sent over the photos and measurements, I’d love to hop on a quick phone call with you. During the call we will dig into your functional needs for the space and your style preferences. 

  • Design proposals + design revisions

You’ll receive your design proposal pretty quickly. Within 5 days, I'll send over a detailed floor plan showing placement of all items including pieces you already have and suggested new items. You’ll also get a concept or mood board that gives you a sense of how the finishes, materials and furnishing will work together. 

Really good design is all about revision! After you get your concept, I'll want to know what you think. We’ll chat about the design together, you’ll let me know what you like and what you don’t like about the concept.

  • Final design  

Your final concept will include a revised concept board, a detailed layout and a complete shopping list. This will make it easy for you to put together the look solo. 

  • Flat rate pricing

The flat rate design service fee for this process is $679 per room. It typically takes 2 weeks to complete all the steps together. 

If you are ready to get started send me an email and tell me about your space! Email me at swoonies@swoonrugs.com.

I can't wait to hear about your design dilemmas! 


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