How to Rug: When to Kilim

How to Rug: When to Kilim

How to Rug: When to Kilim

There is so much to consider when shopping for a new rug. From color, to style, and price, the search can feel extremely daunting.

Before you go looking for your next rug, there a few things you need to decide on:

  1. Which room are you planning to put your new rug in?
  2. Is there a ton of daily traffic in the space you're planning to put your new rug?
  3. What style of rug are you looking for? Do you need a runner, area rug, tiny rug, etc.

The best spaces for kilims + why

If you're unsure about your answers to the questions above, here's a few rooms that kilim rugs tend to work best for and why you should consider them.

Dining Rooms

Kilim Rug - Dining Room

Space by Brittany Zwickl at Studio Lifestyle | Photo by Justin Coit

There are multiple reasons why your dining room is the perfect space for a kilim rug! 

  1. Kilims tend to have darker more forgiving colors - so if your kiddos spill their spaghetti, it won't be as noticeable.
  2. They are flat woven which makes it easier to move chairs in and out.
  3. Kilims are typically more narrow so they are just the right fit to go under your rectangular dining room table.

Living Spaces

Kilim Rug - Living Room Living Space

Space by Domino | Photo by Magic Dream Life

If you enjoy entertaining friends and family, adding a kilim to your living space is your best bet. This style of rug is more durable than most so it can handle spaces that tend to have a lot of foot traffic. If you want to really spice up your living space, you can even drape a rug across your furniture like the photo above. Instantly turn a basic couch into something that everyone will swoon over.


Killim - Staircases

Space by Brittany Zwickl at Studio Lifestyle | Photo by Hilary Duff

Speaking of foot traffic! Our stairs are typically only utilized by our feet to move about our homes. However, by adding a kilim rug, our stairs can also become a space for naps (see photo above).

The durability of these rugs matched with their darker style, make them perfect for your staircases. They are able to handle the daily usage from our family and furry friends. 

Wall Hangings

Space by Emily Katz for Magic Dream Life

There's no denying kilim rugs are beautiful! They are so fun to look at, it's easy to transition these pieces from the floor to the wall.  They are really light weight, so it's no problem to hang them on the wall. Layering a rug behind this bed like Emily did, adds intstand depth and boho charm to this bedroom. 

Score this look with one of our new to Swoon kilim rugs. 


Kilim - Pillows

Space by Domino | Photo by The Marion House Book

Yes, you read that right! You can use a kilim pillow cover to transform the look of any of your favorite spaces in the home or office. Not only will this make a super cool addition to any space, it can also help you extend the life of your pillows due to the kilim fabrics durability. 

Ready to take your home or office space to the next level? Shop our new kilim rugs today

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