Sustainable interior design: what is it  + why does it matter?

Sustainable interior design: what is it + why does it matter?

Sustainable interior design: what is it  + why does it matter?

You might not have heard of "sustainable interior design", but you've probably heard folks talking more and more about sustainable, eco friendly products. 

To me, sustainable interior design is about considering the products we bring into our homes carefully. How are the products we consume made? How long are they designed to last? What happens to the products we purchase once we are done using them? Sustainable interior design is about focusing on how we can maximize the use of eco-friendly products and how we can avoid the revolving door effect of bringing disposable products into our homes.


Sustainable 2nd hand tablescape

second hand dining area + tablescape 


Sustainable interior design matters because we've all got to start thinking differently about the products we consume and how we consume them. I care deeply about the planet + our future on it. I’m always thinking about sustainable design and how we can do better. Sustainable interior design isn’t about judging or shaming people for buying new things (because who doesn’t love new things!), but rather it's about thinking about the products we buy for our homes and what will happen to those products if and when we are done using them.


There's many ways to think about sustainable design. You can buy new pieces that are designed to last for decades. You can buy new pieces made of natural, quickly renewable materials. And you can find beauty in decorative pieces that already exist instead of buying new items. “New” doesn’t have to mean brand new––it can mean new to you!


We’ve all heard “reduce, reuse, recycle,” but when I learned that the old saying was written that way because that’s the order you should do things, my mind was blown. But it makes total sense! So when it comes to my shop, my goals are to

  • Reduce consumption. I could sell cheap rugs that are made to fall apart. I'd get to sell way more rugs that way! But then I’d have to compromise on quality. Instead I choose a small curated collection of high quality, vintage rugs for the shop.
  • Reuse gorgeous decor. The rugs and decor in the shop are all about giving new life to gently loved pieces.
  • Recycle pieces that can be saved. Sometimes all it takes is a new wood stain or a new paint job to rejuvenate a set of vintage chairs or a mirror you thought were permanently out of style. Plus, upcycling is fun! If I’m having a rough day, I paint the stress away. (If you’re feeling inspired, check out these tips.)


Refinished chairs and mirror

Painted mirror and refinished chairs in the studio. 


It makes me so happy to help people source the perfect pieces for their homes. The way people’s faces light up when they find a beautiful piece with just the right colors and in the perfect size for the room they envision--this is why I love this work. Trends come and go, but that feeling of happiness every time you look at a rug that’s so you it feels like it was meant to be is forever.  

That’s just one of the many reasons I love rugs so much. Well-made vintage and handmade rugs were built to last. Even if the colors fade with time (like some of our stunning pastels), the construction is sturdy and they can be cleaned without causing additional wear. (Unlike fast fashion. Don’t you hate it when a shirt starts pilling after the first wash?) So when you find your forever rug, it’s there to stay. 


Vintage Decor

Vintage decor finds in the studio. 


Vintage decor has already withstood the test of time, so by default you know it's well made. Well made pieces that have been previously used, are likely to continue to hold up to your family too.  

And who knows––that rug could be the one your child takes their first steps on and the one your partner slow dances with you on after a long day at work. Stories are woven into the fabric of rugs and every memory you create with them weaves your story in too. 

If you’re ready to write your story with your forever rug, let’s make it happen