Designer Spotlight: How Liz Kamarul Reimagines Vintage Rugs

Designer Spotlight: How Liz Kamarul Reimagines Vintage Rugs

Designer Spotlight: How Liz Kamarul Reimagines Vintage Rugs

How do you make an apartment into your dream home, when you’re only renting? How do you express your creativity under tight budget constraints? And how do you make the most of uniquely thrifted pieces—in smaller spaces?

For starters, you could take a page out of Liz Kamarul’s book.

From hand-painted flamingo walls to DIY upholstery to unique decor, Liz takes unconventional pieces and puts her creative spin on interior design. And you’ll love what she’s done with a few Swoon Rugs. Here are our faves:

  1. Rugged Counter Accents
Liz Karmarul uses vintage rug on counter face

Who would think to hang contrasting rugs beneath a kitchen counter? That’s exactly what the wonderfully imaginative Liz did.

Rugs don’t have to be for sitting or standing. They can be delightful accent pieces, tying a room together while adding some extra oomph. The beauty of this look is that the two rugs are so perfectly contrasted: light vs. dark, muted vs. vibrant. And they’re cozy, if you’re hanging out bare-legged at the breakfast bar.

This contrast is tied together with the luscious leather chairs—which bring out the muted warm tones in each rug.















  1. Layers of Intricacy

Liz Kamarul living room scene showing turkish rug layered over jute rug with vintage turkish rug turned into a pillow

Step 1: Find a sofa someone else is tossing.

Step 2: Have it reupholstered in a unique, vibrant pattern.

Step 2: Lay a vintage pastel rug atop a circular jute rug to contrast the sofa.

Step 3: Sew a third vintage rug beauty into an accenting pillow.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Layering patterns and colors is a tricky endeavor, but Liz manages to bring together a cohesive, harmonious feel throughout the room. The muted reds and yellows of the area rug bring out the vibrancy of the geometric couch.

Our favorite part? Liz took a rug and made it into something completely different: an extra long lumbar pillow. The subtle patterning of the pastel vintage welcomes you to sit and get cozy, and lets the brighter pieces take center stage. Versatile and unique, the right rug can be used for anything—the only limit is your creativity.

  1. From Rug to Throw

Liz Kamarul Stairway with vintage turkish rug

Liz Kamarul RV with vintage rug as back of chair

Can you see what we see? One rug: two gorgeous applications (three if you count the under-the-counter accent!).

In the top image, you’ll see a more traditional use of our luscious navy vintage rug. Sitting at the foot of the stairs—and set against the rustic wood floors—the rug stands out in the most inviting way.

And in the bottom image, we see Liz flex her creativity (and see our rug flex its versatility). Tossed over a comfy loveseat in a tiny RV, the rug adds an exciting pop of color. With the more neutral colors of the space, the navy rug stands out and creates a harmony of patterns.

  1. Wrap it Up

Liz Kamarul bedroom with vintage persian rug for the headboard

Why buy an expensive new bed when you can just take a vintage runner and turn it into a headboard? Yep, you read that right. The deeply colored wall decor isn’t part of the bed, it’s a rug.

The rich colors and pattern of the runner are gloriously contrasted with the stark white bedding. And what ties it all together? A gorgeous geometric pillow, luscious throw blanket, and colorful fringe that all perfectly match the colors of the rug.

The result is stunning and seemingly simple. No heavy lifting here, just a few staple pieces combined to make a cozy nook.

But the biggest takeaway here (and in all Liz’s designs) is that a rug is not just a rug—it’s whatever you make of it.

Liz Kamarul sits on counter top with rugs as counter face

At Swoon Rugs, we believe that a good rug is a staple piece that turns a room into a gorgeous home. We love seeing how people use our rugs to amplify their living spaces—and make creative use of a seemingly simple piece. We curate a collection of artisan-made, eye-catching rugs that are a perfect staple for your personal style. Check them out! And if you’ve got some creative uses to share, let us know at