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The perfect rug is one in a million. Once you’ve found it, your space is beautiful, your heart is happy, and life is good. But here’s the catch: finding the perfect rug isn’t easy.

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Want to learn more about the process? See how we helped Bridget Ambrose find the perfect runner for her kitchen.


Bridget Ambrose Kitchen with a Vintage Runner from Swoon Rugs


Finding an Instagram-worthy Rug for Bridget’s Kitchen

Bridget Ambrose, an energy medicine healer and Instagram influencer with 58.7k followers, was in a dilemma. It seemed the perfect runner for her kitchen simply didn’t exist. Close to giving up, she contacted Swoon for one last try.

She shared with us the following must-haves and a photo of the space:

  1. The rug must coordinate with all existing finishes, including the gorgeous cork flooring and all of the yummy textiles in the dining nook.
  2. The rug must be functional for real-life cooking.
  3. The size must be under 3' x 9' but long enough to proportionally balance the island, so no shorter than 7'.

After reviewing her list and looking at the photo, we found three different rug options for Bridget’s kitchen.


Option 1: Vintage Pastel Runner |  2' 9" x 8' 6"

Pros: The light, bright colors really pop off the medium tone floor. The pattern, a good medium scale, blends seamlessly with the small scale texture in the floor and the textiles in the dining nook. The style of this rug adds a light and airy vibe to the kitchen.

Cons: The light color and visible warp + weft in the rug aren't ideal for cooking messy meals, but the rug can be easily rolled up and removed as needed.


Option 2: V is for Vintage Runner  | 2' 5" x 8' 8"

Pros: This rug’s thick wool pile will provide cushion for standing, and spills will be easy to clean up. The ivory field keeps the rug bright and the small scale pattern will hold up well overtime, even with heavy use. The style of this rug (hamdan) is a great match with the earthy style of the space.

Cons: This rug is slightly on the longer side for the space.


Option 3: Flat Weave Runner  | 2' 11" x 7' 10"


Pros: This rug’s proportions work great with the island. The neutral colors go nicely with the existing finishes and the geometric pattern keeps the look interesting. The style of this rug fits in perfectly with the overall vibe in the kitchen.  

Cons: The colors in this rug might make the cabinets look more blue than gray. The flat pile won't add cushion underfoot.


The Winning Rug

After reviewing the options we sent her, Bridget chose the V is for Vintage Runner. The deep reds in the rug give her ivory kitchen an earthy, welcoming feel. Bridget was thrilled with the result.


Becrowbe Vintage Kitchen Runner from Swoon Rugs

"Working with Tabi on finding the right rug for our home made all the difference. She was able to look at my color palette and lifestyle and create vision boards to help us visualize the rug choices in our home,” Bridget said.

Now that’s an Instagrammable kitchen!


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Becrowbe Vintage Kitchen Runner