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It's our mission to simplify your rug shopping experience. To help wtih this, we've put together a list of our frequently asked questions, please find them below.  

Vintage Rug Scene - Pastel Vintage Rug 

Are all of your rugs vintage? 

Nope. We have 2 main categories of vintage rugs: V is for Vintage and Vintage Pastel. Our runner collection exclusively includes vintage runners. 

Rugs that are not vintage can be found in our Sari Silk collection, our Jute collection and the Dhurries in our Flat Weave collection.


Have your vintage rugs been recently cleaned?

Yes! All of our rugs are sourced from dealers who clean the rugs prior to being resold in the US. 


Where do you source your vintage rugs?

Right now, our vintage rugs are primary coming from Iran and Turkey.  


How should I care for my rug?

Vacuum your wool rug regularly. If your rug has fringe, be careful to avoid the fringe. Have your wool rug professionally cleaned every 5 - 10 years. 

Jute rugs can be vacuumed with less frequency to avoid creating abrasions to the fiber. You can also shake your rug out a few times a year (bring a friend to help!). 

You can learn more about rug maintenance here.  


Can I put a wool rug in my bathroom?

Yes! Most people don't realize that their wool hand knotted rugs have already been soaking wet at least a few times in the rug's lifetime. Washing the rug is a part of the finishing process of weaving. Rugs also get wet when they are cleaned.

Wet wool is only a problem if the wool gets wet and stays wet, unable to dry. This can happen when watering plants. Just don't water plants over your rugs and it won't be a problem. 

For rugs in bathrooms, be sure anytime the rug gets wet it's able to fully dry quickly.  


Will the colors in my rug fade?

Yes, but it's over a long period of time. Vintage rugs are often valued for the softer colors that go hand in hand with time and wear. The colors in oriental rugs typically improve and soften with time. 


What if I don't like the rug I pick?

We don't want you to get stuck with a rug you don't love, which is why we have a good exchange program.

Our jute rugs and wool dhurries can be exchanged, minus shipping charges and a 25% restocking fee. In most cases a sample can be ordered of our large jute rugs or our dhurries prior to ordering a large rug.

Our vintage rugs can be exchanged, minus the cost of shipping. 

You can read more about our return policy here. We are always sourcing new pieces for the site, so I'm confident we'll find something you love. 


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