All About Overdyed Rugs

All About Overdyed Rugs

All About Overdyed Rugs

Old meets new in this impactful upcycle trend. Have you fallen for my new favorite thing? I'm seeing overdyed rugs in a ton of different interiors. And with good reason. So what are they anyway and what are some of the best design tips for using one in your interior?

2 Elite Designers are now 1 Meet Drake + Anderson

Designer Drake + Anderson

Typically, overdyed rugs are previously used traditional orientals (think burgundy, navy and ivory floral motifs) that have been reclaimed and literally dyed-over. The new dye colors are often super bright - teals, yummy mustards, hot pinks. They can also be find in dark purples, deep blues, browns, blacks and charcoals. In order to ensure that the new color penetrates the wool pile, the rugs are normally sheared super short. Think: the ultimate crew cut. Sometimes the fibers are so close to the warp and weft of the rug body, they look like flatweaves. But look closely, and you'll spot a little fluff of fiber. Once the rug mane has been tamed, the entire rug is carefully dyed, in most cases, leaving the fringe ivory. And voilà—you have a reclaimed, refreshed rug ready to be enjoyed.   

Now that you’re totally ga-ga over the concept, how can you best used an overdyed rug in your home?  

A much needed color pop. 

inside a one fifth ave apartment redesignDesigner Tamara Magel

Check out the beautiful and bright dressing room above by crazy talented designer Tamara Magel. This electric pink rug really gives the space depth and adds some fem pazaz. Overdyed rugs are going to naturally lend themselves to making big statements in your interiors.

Rosa Overdyed Rug 6' 5" x 10' 3"

Connect a space with color.

BHG - Natalie Morales' Living Room MakeoverPhoto Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

So maybe you don’t want that one color impact. Maybe you’d rather have a consistent color used throughout. Some of my absolute favorite overdyed rugs are actually made up of soft aquas, teal, denim. You can easily use these colors in repetition throughout the space to create harmony and cohesion in a room.    

Cacia Overdyed Rug 6' 8" X 9' 7"


When you want a gorgeous neutral.

Not every overdyed rug is full of color. Black, charcoal and brown overdyed rugs are a great way to ground a seating area. Plus it’s a great way to hide dirt! 

Style Me Pretty - Newport Beach Home Tour - Overdyed RugPhoto credit: Esther Sun Photography

See above the effortless and cozy living room with a killer black overdyed pulling the space together.   

Plano Overdyed Rug - Neutral


 When you want to go bold.

Designer Guilherme Torres

Check out the eclectic perfection above by designer Guilherme Torres. There’s nothing quite like the right rug in the right space to make your jaw drop. Many overdyed rugs instantly bring mega impact to a space. Adding a rug like this to your space is a fast way to instantly inject maximize impact to your space. 

Cara Overdyed Rug Red

 Check out our entire vintage rug collection including overdyed rugs here. 

How to Decorate with Overdyed Rugs

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