How to rug: when to kilim

How to rug: when to kilim

How to rug: when to kilim

I totally get it: rugs are hard. To start with, if you are looking at one of a kind products, you have lots of limitations to deal with: size, color, pattern, price. These factors are mostly fixed. And getting all of the details to align in the right rug for your space can make the rug hunt very very (exhausting) challenging. 

BUT, fear not! Learning more about the different types of rugs can greatly enhance your ability to narrow your search. I wanna share a bit more about one of my favorite rugs: kilims.

Gemini Kilim | 6' x 10' 8"

Gemini Kilim | 6' x 10' 8"

Kilim construction + characteristic 

Kilims are flat woven. So no soft pile on top. This process is way faster than producing a hand knotted rug. So you are going to end up with a fantastic value in terms of price + durability when you look to add a kilim to your space. Kilims tend to be long and narrow. This has a lot to do with the type of loom used when weaving. 

Kilims tend to be constructed using dark but often vibrant dyes. Often the geometric patterns are bold and eye catching. These rugs are made to pop in your space.    

Where best to use kilims + why

Here's a few keys to working with kilims: they are durable (but not soft) + they tend to be more narrow. Think high traffic + tons of abuse. Have a space in mind?

Dining rooms

Flea Market Fab Outdoor Space

Space by Jennifer Harrison aka Flea Market Fab photo by Carley Page

Dining rooms (like the gorg. one above) work great with kilims for a few reasons: they tend to have darker more forgiving colors, the flat weave makes it easier to move chairs in/out, the narrow width common with kilims can fit a table better than a hand knotted carpet. 

 The long size common of many kilims make them great for dining tables. Ever notice how extra super wide some rugs can look under a standard size rectangular table? If yes-and it bothers you, then you should kilim here. 

amy bartlam photography for veneer designs

amy bartlam photography for veneer designs


Wide Walkways + Halls

Inside an Eclectic Austin Kitchen

designed by Ann Lowe + photographed by Molly Winters


Emily Henderson Reading Nook 

designed by Emily Henderson

Seating areas where you are unlikely to play on the floor with your puppy and/or toddler can be ideal for kilims. The color/pattern combo in this a++mazing reading nook by Emily Henderson is the thing my design dreams are made of. 


Home Tour: A California Eclectic Home in Silicon Valley

Because of the vibrancy of these rugs, kilims can be a great way to make a space in your entry space. Case in point is the entry above from Owens + Davis, Becki Owens collaboration with Nicole Davis Owens + Davis. Because they are durable + tend to be more narrow, a kilim will be well suited for a role in your entry or wide hallway.

Love this look as much as we do? Check out our product breakdown below to recreate the concept in your space. 

This is how you rug1. Hoyne Brass Pendant - Crate and Barrel

2. Loli Kilim - Swoon Rugs

3. Wall Basket - Vintage and Swoon

4. Nixon Centerpiece Bowl - Jonathan Adler

5. Emlyn Basket - Crate and Barrel

6. Peekaboo Console Table - CB2

Ready to add some kilim goodness to your space? Don't forget to use code KilimSwoon to save 20% on our entire flat weave collection.