Things I like about jute

Things I like about jute

Things I like about jute

One of the best parts about being a small business owner is choosing exactly what will be listed on the site, and maybe just as importantly, what I don't want to sell. I aim to curate a collection of beautiful rugs while focusing on products that are smart buys. That's why I sell jute rugs.

Jute is a strong and beautiful natural fiber. It's also quickly renewable. Jute rugs tend to cost much less than wool rugs. Unlike synthetic fibers, jute is a better option for the environment. Jute also wears better than a synthetic fiber. Synthetic fibers will eventually compress with traffic, flatten down and then the rug fibers will become matted together. 

Jute can be interwoven with wool or cotton to produce a softer rug or to create a geometric pattern. Jute can be either woven flat or knotted to create a pile. Jute rugs are easy to clean. Over time, some of the yarn ends can poke through the face of the rug. These ends can easily be pushed back into the rug weave or carefully trimmed. 

There's tons of ways to incorporate jute rugs into your space. Checkout some of my favorite options below. 

Add Texture with Jute Rugs

Because it's a naturally beautiful fiber, jute rugs works great solo as a textural element in the space. Jute rugs are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you'll have options when looking for the best texture and color for your space. 

houseofsixinteriors living room with tweed jute rug

Tanya Meda

Jute Tweed Rug

Jute Tweed Rug


Citizens of Style

Lynden Foss - Citizens of Style

Lisa Dengler Instagram

Aritzia Office, Lisa Dengler


Balance Patterns with Jute Rugs

In large open spaces it can be hard to balance all of your flooring coverings, which is one good reason you might want to add in a jute rug to your space. The texture of jute and/or the geometric patterns found in some jute rugs can be the perfect balancing element for vintage rugs full of detail. 

Jute rug Balance
Jute Rug Balance

Layer with Jute Rugs 

Because jute rugs can be significantly more affordable than wool rugs, it can be easier to purchase a large jute rug. The large jute rug will ground the seating area. Then you can layer in a smaller rug for color + pattern on top.

Stellabluegallery Living Room

Christina Shirley

Little Green Notebook

Jenny Komenda

Amber Interiors Bedroom 

Amber Interiors

Chunky Jute Rug

Explore our entire collection of jute rugs here.