Get Our Picks: Bamboo Statement Lighting

Get Our Picks: Bamboo Statement Lighting

Get Our Picks: Bamboo Statement Lighting
As we wrap up our studio renovation many of you have expressed interest in the pendant lights we installed. So I decided to share all about how/why we picked these pendants as well as a full lineup of bamboo pendants I love. 
Studio Swoon Bamboo Pendant Lighting

Our new studio space is big and open. So I knew the space would benefit from a few features that pull you in and focus your view. I decided one of those elements should be a large scale lighting feature that hangs low from the very tall ceiling. 
A single piece of lighting could easily get lost in the space and really large chandeliers can get expensive fast. I wanted something that would be big impact but on a small budget (story of my life!).
I started thinking about clustering bamboo or wood pendants together to create one large group. These options would be lightweight and easier for us to install. And then I found these Flexible Bamboo Pendants and all my lighting problems were resolved. 

Why Bamboo Pendants

  • They are lightweight
  • Typically low cost
  • Made of sustainable materials
  • Most are good neutral colors
Adjustable Pendants

What I love about them

  • Variety of sizes. This pendant comes in 6 different sizes. The smallest is 15" tall and the largest is 32" tall, with 4 different sizes in between. 
  • Adjustable shapes. These pendants are extremely flexible. The design of these pieces cleverly allows you bend your pendant into the shape you want and hold it into that shape.  
  • Canopy options. They offer 4 different cord/canopy choices so you can pick the one that works best for you.
  • Lampshade only option. You can order just the shade and get your own lighting kit or you can do what I did, and forgo the bulb all together. 

Our Bamboo + Rattan Pendant Picks


Sinnerlig Pendant

Sinnerlig Pendant, IKEA 


Black Woven Bamboo Pendant Shade

Black Pendant Shade, World Market


Santa Barbara Pendant

Santa Barbara Pendant, Serena & Lily


Large Cordial Hanging Pendant design by Selamat 

Cordial Pendant, Burke Decor


Flora Rattan Pendant Lamp

Flora Rattan Pendant, 23" Diameter

I hope you find these picks useful! Happy decorating!