The Tiniest Studio Gets Big

The Tiniest Studio Gets Big

The Tiniest Studio Gets Big

You've probably heard our good news: we are expanding! We've operated from a pair of 200 square foot rooms for the past 12 months. But those spaces no longer work for us. So it's time to move.  Our new location will be around 1,200 square feet of wide open space. 

We've come a long way + we've got a long way to go!

Studio Swoon Before + After


We've done a lot to the space but we've got a long way to go before the space is finished.

So far we've...

  • removed the doorway and made it a large opening
  • built a new staircase 
  • added a half wall in the storage loft
  • painted the entire space
  • gutted the bathroom 
  • halfway finished the new bathroom
  • installed new lights in the front room
  • installed new drywall

On our to-do list... 

  • mud and finish the drywall
  • complete the bathroom
  • install and paint trim
  • hang a beautiful cluster of bamboo pendants 
  • install a large rug rack
  • build a new bookcase
  • buy all the plants



Opening up the rug room

This space use to be our rug room. The windows face south and they get the most beautiful light all year long. I knew I wanted to open up this space to allow that beautiful light into the entire space. 


Rug room opening

Letting the light in

So now instead of looking at a door (a terribly old and dirty door) we get to look into the rug room. It will be staged with furniture, rugs and loads of plants. And the beautiful light pours into the space next to the staircase, where we will stage more rugs and furniture. 

Before and After Stairs

New staircase

The original staircase was installed to take up the smallest footprint on the floor. It was extra steep and utilitarian to a fault. We decided to install the new staircase along the block wall. This will give us more floor space to stage furniture as the space flows into the new opening between the back of the space and the room under the loft. We also decided to to make the stairs extra wide, 4'. This will allow us to stage wide runners here. We stained the the stair treads instead of painting them. 


Before and after bathroom 

New bathroom

We could have burned this bathroom to the ground and it would have improved the space 100%. But instead, we removed everything, installed new flooring, painted the walls and bought all new fixtures. I'm still on the hunt for a mirror for the space. 


It's a process.

We've got a lot left to do + we've got a lot to look forward to! Like these lamps! I think we are going to hang them next week and I am very excited to show you how they look in the space. We are hustling to get the space totally ready but we are also mindfully taking care of ourselves. And that means instead of rushing over to the studio everyday, we take time to enjoy some slow days off together as a family. It's not a race. There's no prize at the end. The space should be completely finished sometime in July. I'm looking forward to sharing more then.