Vintage Rugs in Kitchens + Laundry Rooms + Baths

Vintage Rugs in Kitchens + Laundry Rooms + Baths

Vintage Rugs in Kitchens + Laundry Rooms + Baths

We are looking back at some Swoon Rugs in kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. A vintage rug can have a big impact in these spaces. Often these rooms lack the softness of textiles and the color/pattern of artwork. For these reasons, vintage rugs shine bright in our kitchens, laundry rooms and baths. 

I'm often asked about getting vintage rugs wet. The truth is your vintage rug has already been wet. Soaking wet! Rug washing is one step in the finishing process of rug weaving. Years later, your rug is washed as part of the restoration process. Water is not the problem. It's the amount of water and the time it's left wet that can be problematic. Don't let your vintage rug get soaked and stay soaked for hours. With typical everyday use, your rug is going to be fine. 

Check out some of our favorite spaces featuring our rugs in absolutely amazing kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.   

Leanne Ford Hartzgerg Project

Leanne Ford Hartzberg Project for Restored by the Fords. Photo by Alexandra Ribar.

Once Upon a 1912

Kay's Kitchen from Once Upon A 1912

Morgan Aibinder Bathroom
Cristina Stauber Kitchen
Bre Purposed Bathroom
Tiny Rugs Big Impact

Tiny rugs with BIG impact. From left to right: Cottage and Sea, Kirsten Diane, Angela Fahl Interiors.

Cristina Stauber Laundry Room

Cristina Stauber Laundry Room.
S Gardner Style
Shavonda Gardner Laundry Room. 
Margaret Rajic Photo for Philips and Gilligan Interiors
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