Thinking Modern Vintage Design

Thinking Modern Vintage Design

Thinking Modern Vintage Design

Over the past few years, I've found myself really drawn to spaces with a well balanced vintage modern mix. It's a deceptively difficult look to master. I've been thinking a lot lately about how different folks achieve this look. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite examples. Scroll down to see how my favorite designers nail the vintage modern style. 


1. Leanne Ford's Rustic Canyon Project kitchen. Ford is a master of the modern vintage mix + I love her for it. She let the rustic architecture of her home shine through. Then she layered in traditional cabinets and a slick soapstone countertop with a waterfall edge. In the surrounding open space, she added in modern furnishings with clean and simple lines. The end result is a place I could happily call home. 

2. Jersey Ice Cream Company Lokal Hotel. I've been blown away by JICCo for a while now. This designs duo tend to lean heavily into rustic/vintage traditional looks but they nearly always add in a touch or two of something modern. This hotel project is a great example of this. 

3. Amber Interiors Oh Hi Ojai kitchen. Amber Lewis was the designer that stopped me in my tracks with her use of unique vintage rugs in her projects. I've been obsessed with her work ever since. In this example, the architecture is much more clean-lined modern. Then she layers in a vintage rug and rustic accent pieces. 

4. Bre Purposed modern vintage bathroom. We were thrilled to be included in this modern vintage mix. Bre selected cleanline modern furniture pieces and fixtures to install over classic tile finishes. Then she layered in vintage rugs and vintage details. The result is a great vintage modern blend. 




Jersey Ice Cream Company

Amber Interiors Client oh-hi-ojai Kitchen